teresa milheiroMy work is usually inspired by my surroundings.

Society, social values, politics, economics, wars and environmental concerns have a direct influence on the ironic form with which I approach these themes and develop them in my pieces.

I consider my work to be intervention, normally a very strong political and social comment.

I do not always use the same method of work, I often create pieces influenced by certain objects that I encounter, but in other works I may diverge from an idea or concept to arrive at the form of a piece.

I do not like feeling trapped in rigid ways of working because that interferes with my inspiration.

A jewel to me is something that is spiritually valuable. The material value of the jewel has little meaning.

Generally when I'm creating a form I don’t worry about the target audience, I simply have an intrinsic need to express this idea.


Jewellery for me represents a form of expression like any other, but with the difference that we carry it with us.

That makes interaction with other people more visible – in fact, it can sometimes demand a great deal of courage to wear some pieces.