Desperately looking for a wrinkle

This piece is dedicated to people that lives obsessed with their image and ageing.
With this necklace it will be extremely easy to find the most little wrinkle in your face , because it has a collection of mirrors , lens and a syringe incorporated to kick out these horrible signals of age.
And don’t forget the motto : be botox , be fuckin’ beautiful”
Warning: the excessive use of this product may cause mummification , be cautious with the dose.

Title: Desperately looking for a wrinkle
Type piece: chain belt
Serie: we live in a perfect world
Year : 2006
Materials: Oxidized copper, magnifying glass, mirrors, syringe, articulated arms in metal and lead.
Dimensions: 13cm diameter, a maximum height of the outstretched arms 32 cm, variable Width: 35 cm in an intermediate position with lead: 33 cm long, syringe chain 58 cm long.
Photo :Luis Pais