Articula Gallery

The guiding value of ARTICULA’s workshop and shop is appreciation of the true worth of manual work. A unique piece crafted by hand allows the passerby to see how the work is done and what different techniques are used to create it. Knowing that some pieces were made at this location

promotes contact between the creator and the final user. This is very reassuring today – when most products travel the world to reach the consumer – who probably does not have the slightest idea who made the product, or even where and under what conditions it was made.

One of the concepts on which I base some of my works is the recycling and reuse of materials and objects in new jewellery. This bestows great dignity to articles that were previously discarded as junk or considered uninteresting.

Teresa Milheiro

STUDIO ARTICULA, is located in Praça Luis de Camões 22- 4D/ Chiado since 2015

Studio ARTICULA ; Exhibition MIXED MÉDIA 2017 ;Photos Ana Verde

Artist: Teresa Milheiro
Artist: Teresa Milheiro
Artist: Teresa Milheiro
Artist: Teresa Milheiro


“INSECTARIUM” Teresa Milheiro at Livraria Sá da Costa 2016

Photos: José Mendes

Gallery ARTICULA , located at Rua dos Remédios 102 ; from 2007 till 2012 . Gallery’ opening 2007.

Gallery ARTICULA, it was located in Rua dos Remédios 102 , Alfama Years: 2007-2012
Gallery ARTICULA, it was located in Rua dos Remédios 102 , Alfama Years: 2007-2012
Photos: Pedro Lopes (Sumol)

WAY THROUGH TO ANOTHER SIDE ” – Puppet project by Teresa Milheiro , sponsored by Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian at Gallery ARTICULA 2009.

“GARBAGE PIN” Ana Cardim Project at Gallery ARTICULA 2008

“ALIENATION” – Teresa Milheiro project for Tangencial Experimenta Design 2009.

” I CARE A LOT” Conflicts in Middle East,project from Dana Hakim at Gallery ARTICULA 2010

Artists: Beatrice Brovia, Chloé Durand, Noga Hadad, Marieke Van Diepen and Filomena Praça
Artists: Hannah Joris and Malaika Najem
Artist:Claire Baloge
Artist: Teresa Milheiro
Artist:Melanie Georgacopoulos
Artist:Filomena Praça
Artist: Marieke van Diepen
Barbara Deriemaeker
Artist : Loukia Richards
Artist: Ela Bauer
Artist: Burcu Buyukunal

CRIATURAS” Constança Meira at Gallery ARTICULA 2010

Photo: Paula Paz
Photo: Carlota Costa Cabral
Photo: Carlota Costa Cabral

CAIR PARA FORA DO CORPO, CAIR PARA DENTRO DO CORPO” Alexandra Rodrigues, Beatriz Mousinho, Christie, Dani Soter, Miriam Castro and Sónia Brum 2011

“DARK & SWEET” Elo Uibokand and Tiina Rajakallio at Gallery ARTICULA

ENCARNAR O FIXO E O VOLÁTIL” Teresa Milheiro and António Faria at Gallery ARTICULA 2011

DIAMONDS AND DEAD THINGS” Marta Mattsson and Kelly McCallum at Gallery ARTICULA 2012

Reverso Gallery

Genius loci is a Latin term referring to the “spirit of the place”, to the genie of the place inhabited and visited by man and that was an object of object in the Roman religion.

In Thailand it is common to be placed at the entrance of a newly built house, a spirit house, because it is believed that the spirits already inhabiting the place must be granted shelter before the arrival of the new owner. According to this belief, these can cause problems if the owner does not own one.

Playing with the idea of the genie’s place, the protective spirit, of the mysterious and the video surveillance, I created a collection entitled “Genius Lab”, composed by 6 necklaces. They are made up with fluorescent, metallized Plexiglas test tubes, silhouettes and compositions with images, some of them already eaten by bibliophile insects, which were taken from a German catalogue of optical mechanisms and instruments from the 1900 international exhibition in Paris, which I found in an abandoned house.

Alice Floriano Gallery